350Green’s system is a network of charging stations distributed across a metropolitan area. We offer both Level 2 (220v) and DC Fast (480v) options, depending on location and use. Our PowerDock is a stand-alone unit that offers up to two simultaneous charges. Our Express Plaza can be configured as a standalone unit, or part of a solar carport for maximum energy efficiency and reduced grid load. All Level 2 units offer standard connectors for all electric vehicle types, include full maintenance and instant support from a live, 24/7 help line. When we install two or more fast chargers at a location, we install energy storage to prevent grid overload.

Pricing Plans

350Green offers a range of simple, convenient payment plans that allow EV drivers to have instant access to charging from the moment they buy their vehicle. Account holders can either pay by the charge or by the month, depending on their expected levels of use, and can use any of the 350Green stations in the local, national or global network. At the moment we are in the process of development of mobile apps payment option in cooperation with Intellect Soft


We are working with a variety of partners, including vehicle manufacturers and dealers, municipalities, retailers and property managers to make our charging stations widely available in cities. We are particularly interested in working with retailers, parking operators and property managers/real estate developers. We offer a compelling, low-risk approach for partners seeking to drive traffic, or improve on-site amenities to the coming wave of EV drivers. Please contact us at info[at] for more information.