As a project developer, 350Green partners with companies and organizations across the EV ecosystem to create convenient, cost-effective, sustainable and successful EV charging networks in cities around the world. Our approach enables us to continually offer best of breed technology, customer service and continuous innovation.

Technology Partners. We look to both new and established providers of charging infrastructure to meet the needs of our public and private sector partners. We’re committed to providing only the most robust, newest charging technologies in our markets. If you have a charging technology, we want to know about it.

Municipal Partners. Want to bring an EV charging network to your city? Our innovative technology and strategic approach will enable you to meet the demand for EV charging at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. This reduces land use while also accelerating Return on Investment in infrastructure costs, land/parking allocation and energy costs.

Vehicle Partners. We want to be the official “fuel” provider for dealers across the country. After all, what could be better for a new owner of an EV than to drive out of the dealership with access to a network of charging stations spread across their city?

Location/Host Partners. We offer a compelling package to retailers and other hosts of EV charging stations: zero cost for installation and operation; increased traffic (and likely longer shopping cycles) to location; instantly recognizable commitment to sustainability; positive public relations/media coverage of charging station, and a host of other valuable services and information.

If you wish to partner with 350Green in any of these areas, please contact us at info[at]