350Green’s solution is uniquely suited to address the concerns of consumers, municipalities and businesses – at the same time. Our model is as simple as it is powerful. Rather than create a one-to-one relationship between EV and charging station, we will build a network of fast charge stations located where consumers are already accustomed to driving, and where they already park their car temporarily.

Think about it. If it only takes less than half an hour to charge a car, why would you build charging stations where cars will be parked 8 hours at a time? Unfortunately, most current models are based on a 1-1 relationship between an EV and a charging station. While there are many reasons to consider this approach as a partial solution, there’s no doubt that it is more costly, requires more real estate and ultimately is not scalable.

350 Green flips this model on its head. We are in active negotiations with a range of strategic partners in retail, commercial and residential real estate and others to create a vast public network of fast charge stations located in parking lots, malls, public access areas and many other places where people drive during the course of the day. This network will enable consumers who don’t have garages to still own an EV, since they will have access to a network of conveniently located stations.

EV drivers can fill up with electrons while they pick up their groceries. They can fill up their car with energy while they energize their bodies with coffee. Because we are not a charging technology company that derives revenue per unit, our network has been designed to serve the same number of EVs with a far fewer locations, reducing the cost to cities (and tax payers), keeping costs low for users, all while increasing the convenience and access for everyone.